June 5, 2007

Day 4

Sorry this is late.

Yesterday I  was busy doing some cleaning and whatnot.  Part of that cleaning was taking the recycling out.  That brings me to a simple action that one can do for the environment; recycle.

In some states if you bring your recycling to a station somewhere you can even get paid money for it.

It’s simple, super easy, and is pretty much expected of people nowadays. 

June 3, 2007

Day 3

Todays action costs a little bit of money.  I replaced  two dead bulbs with compact florescent bulbs.  The math is two 75 watt lights were replaced with 11 watt lights.  That’s a savings of 128 watts total.

Also, because compact fluorescents last about 6 times longer than incandescents there is less waste and the upfront cost balances out.  It’s another way to save green (money) by going Green (the environment).

Day 2; 1 hour 20 minutes late!

This post is late because today’s action was carpooling to the movies!  Instead of meeting my friends at the movie theater tonight we carpooled to the theater to see Pirates 3 (great movie).  The show started at 9:45 pm so I wasn’t able to post my action until it was complete.

 On a side note for those that have seen the movie; Jack’s talk about the world and the Kraken seemed to be a bit political about the environment don’t you think?

Regardless, next time you want to spend sometime with your friends in a place out of town (for us that’s the movie theater) then carpool, save gas, save money, save the environment. 

June 1, 2007

Day 1

I’m starting off on this new project today and the start of this project involves my first green hint; turn down your monitor’s brightness a step.

It’s frequently just a button press so you can restore your monitor to its blinding glory if you want to play a game or do video/image work but for web browsing and IM turn your monitor down.